Reliability is the single most important factor in standby power generation. Poor fuel quality leads to loss of performance, increased engine wear and component failure. This is why it is vital that your fuel is of high quality and delivered to where it’s needed when it is needed



At Puma we offer a full range of services from repairs and upgrades to your current installation through to the design and supply of new fully bespoke fuel installations. We also offer wide range of fuel monitoring and control equipment that can be retro-fitted to most fuel systems.


Many issues arising from poor quality fuel can easily be prevented if good preventative maintenance procurers are in place. The best way to ensure that your fuel is always of a high standard is through routine Laboratory analysis. Routine sampling of your fuel will show any drop in fuel quality before it can become a problem, helping to avoid unplanned downtime and expensive repair costs.

Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG) surveys

Compliancy with the latest Defra and The Environment Agency guidelines is the best way of ensuring any spillages which can pollute the local environment and incur costly financial penalties are prevented. Our in depth surveys carried out by experienced, registered specialists will highlight any non-compliance within the install or issues with the condition of your fuel Installation, allowing them to be rectified before any problems occur.


The fuel polishing system is the simple way to ensure you are protected from fuel contamination. By automatically cleaning fuel in storage, you can control and remove bacterial content (the fuel bug) sludge, water and other contaminates - ensuring your fuel is clean and ready for use when you need it most. We offer a range of different services from one off fuel polishing and tank cleans to fully installed automatic fuel polishing units.